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BeCool Powerbank 4000mah White chocolate bar

Product code: N143596
Manufacturer Code: POW-BE001-BL-L1713

Manuel: muy ligera.aunque crei que cargaria más rápido pero aún asi muy bonita y original

Additional Information

SKU N143596
Manufacturer SKU POW-BE001-BL-L1713
Brand BeCool
EAN 8434576643071
Battery Type Power Bank
Battery Capacity 4000 mah


It is a fun and practical rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 4000mAh which allows a fast charge and has a Lightning adapter for Apple devices. It is also equipped with the universal USB – microUSB cable.

Did you know that if your device has a 2000mAh battery then you could make two full loads with the BeCool PowerBank? (2000mAh x 2 = 4000mAh)

This PowerBank of 4000mAh comes partially charged, before using it; we recommend charging it to 100%. Once fully charged it can already be used to charge any device, tablet or smartphone.


In addition to its obvious practicality that allows you to have all your devices loaded for days, the BeCool PowerBank has a different and daring design of White chocolate bar that will not go unnoticed for anyone. With a flat rectangular format, you will never leave aside the aesthetics and you can count on the fashion design that you prefer. No more boring external batteries of a single color.

Lightning Adapter

One of the main advantages of this Becool PowerBank, in addition to its aesthetics, is the Lightning output connection, typical of Apple products. With this adapter and micro USB output you are guaranteed compatibility with any device in the world.