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  1. /default/default/N145392/FOL-HU134-NO-XXPCSTM-1.jpg?8eb8d5c1f268d97891e9e73bcf88f74813cda5aa
    Honor Magic custom flip case - Black
  2. /default/default/N147759/TPU-HU134-XXPCSTM-1.jpg?b58fdc83d0b385a5a0d1f49d16e204fa089074fc
    Custom Cover Huawei Honor Magic TPU Clear
  3. /default/default/N143905/SPT-SSP-HU134.jpg?91c42bdd1f9de6b94386d171b673e6101b718d75
    Honor Magic screen protector
  4. /default/default/N147765/TPU-HU134-KEEP5.jpg?852e307cddde29b7912c58574e49e2ac0b5c1516
    Honor Magic case BeCool Keep Calm Beer
  5. /default/default/N143858/FOL-HU134-NO-XXBNO-1_A.jpg?8eb8d5c1f268d97891e9e73bcf88f74813cda5aa
    Honor Magic Flip Cover German Tech Black
    Special Price £2.69 Regular Price £7.19
  6. /default/default/N144027/URB-HU134-NO-PAK-1.jpg?689f43654f9685293c38aebe08827eb7749f04eb
    Honor Magic BeCool Urban Protection
  7. /default/default/N148373/ECR-HU134-NO-1.jpg?5e8ab4edc55b4af18ff8501456ab922a65599523
    Honor Magic case German Tech Elite Carbon - Black
    Special Price £2.69 Regular Price £8.09
  8. /default/default/N147783/TPU-HU134-D1085.jpg?852e307cddde29b7912c58574e49e2ac0b5c1516
    Honor Magic case BeCool Angry Dog

1-40 of 42 Products 42 Products

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Accessories Huawei Honor Magic

Discover the best mobile accessories for Huawei Honor Magic on the market thanks to Octilus, your specialist shop for accessories for Smartphone and Tablet.

You can find covers for mobile phones of great variety, such as smooth gel cases or the most fun and original designs, rigid cases that will add a touch of resistance to your Smartphone, customized cases, or book covers with which full protect your mobile with elegance. We also put at your disposal a large catalog of tempered glass protectors, with which to protect the screen of your Huawei Honor Magic from cracks and scratches.

In addition, Octilus not only offers protection for your mobile: you can also get the most useful mobile accessories, such as speakers, Bluetooth headsets, cables, chargers, power bank, mobile stands and many more gadgets.

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