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Uniq by Octilus
José 13/01/2018

Customer phone covers: be your own designer

Would you like to have a customer cover for your Meizu M5? Now it is possible! You can have a unique phone cover to make your phone look different from the rest while being protected from bumps and falls.

¿Do you want to customer your cover for Meizu M5?

The phone covers are something more than just protection. You can design your own personalized cases and covers in a fast and simple way. Do not doubt and get this custom case for Meizu M5. Not only will you get your mobile look unique, but you will get maximum protection to prevent your Smartphone from suffering damage if it falls or receives a blow.

Uniq by Octilus: Customize everything you want!

The Uniq by Octilus brand offers you the best personalized products you can imagine. The quality of the printing of the images is perfect, with a clear finish and great care in the details. You can customize mobile phone cases, cups, cushions, blankets, t-shirts, power banks, Bluetooth speakers ... Everything you want to have the best personalized gifts!

* All orders placed on the same day will be sent on the following second business day.

* The use of registered trademarks is not allowed.

* By default, the background is white whenever the client chooses an image without a background

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Availability Immediate
Referencia Comercial TPU-ME027-XXPCSTM
Color Transparent
Kind of product Covers and cases
Brand Uniq by Octilus
Model Meizu M5
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