Personalised Powerbank 4000mah Blue

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Uniq by Octilus
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LAURA 21/12/2018
Ví un buen regalo y original, la foto se ve bastante clara y queda muy chulo, no la utilizado porque es para un regalo de Reyes así q ya os diré más adelante pero lo q veo me gusta, lo recomiendo

This custom external battery has a capacity of 4000mAh that allows you to quickly charge mobile phones, tablets or any digital device with its micro USB port. Compact and lightweight design makes this battery easy to carry in any bag or suitcase. It also includes an adapter for Apple.

Do you need a custom external battery of 4000mAh?

Does your mobile phone run out of battery just when you expect that important call? Do you have to leave home, but you could not charge your mobile or Tablet? Do not suffer anymore! With this mobile external battery Blue you will not have to fear again that your Smartphone or Tablet 'die' at the least opportune moment. It is a personalized power bank battery with a practical and light design so you can carry it anywhere in your bag or suitcase. With a capacity of 4000mAh, your digital devices are loaded to the maximum level. During this process, the LED indicator will blink until it is complete, remaining fixed in white. When it is finished, the custom external battery will turn off automatically when you detach it from the unit. Next to it, you will find a micro USB cable and an adapter that make it compatible with Samsung, Apple, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and other Smartphones and devices with output and input of 5V.

Do you want to know the specifications of the customized Power Bank battery?

Get her and discover a personalized external Lithium battery, with a capacity of nothing more and nothing less than 4000mAh. It is made to facilitate your day to day. So much so that you do not need to look at your mobile phone charging level, the mobile external battery itself will indicate your charging situation thanks to an LED. The input is: DC 5V / 1ª and the output 5V / 1ª. Do you think an accessory for smartphones like this has to be very large and heavy? It only measures 110 x 68 x 10 mm and weighs 130 grams. It also includes a micro USB cable with adapter for Apple that is compatible with any mobile device with micro USB connection.

Get this external battery Blue

Are you looking for an external mobile battery that will not hinder you and can accompany you anywhere? Thanks to its practical and lightweight design, it is your ideal mobile accessory. In addition, to ensure satisfaction, the product is delivered with a packaging that guarantees the safety and integrity of all its components. We recommend that you fully charge the battery before starting to charge any device.

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Availability 1 day
Referencia Comercial POW-BE001-AZ-XXPCSTM
Color Blue
Kind of product Power Bank
Brand Uniq by Octilus
Model Bateria Externa 4000mah
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