Power Bank Becool 4000 mAh Comic Style Crash

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Antonio 07/08/2017
Porque el diseño es molón,me gustan los cómics y es divertido

The external battery Becool of 4000 mAh combines design and elegance thanks to its colorful, different and cheerful designs. Load your devices in a unique style thanks to these Power Banks designed in Octilus. The ideal complement for your mobile devices!

Get this BeCool External Battery of 4000 mAh

It is a fun and practical mobile external rechargeable lithium-ion battery of 4000 mAh. Charge your devices quickly and forget about blackouts. In addition, this power bank BeCool has a Lightning adapter for Apple devices, which makes it compatible with most Smartphones and devices. It includes a micro USB cable to be able to charge it in advance so that you can use it in a normal way. But this is not all you have to know about this battery: Did you know that if your device has a battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh you can make 2 full loads with the external battery BeCool? You will no longer have to worry about your cell running out of power at the wrong time, BeCool is the answer! This power bank is partially charged, so we recommend that you fully charge it before using it.

Unique design on this BeCool External Battery of 4000 mAh

In addition to being an extremely useful complement, since it allows you to have all your devices loaded for days, the external battery BeCool has a different and daring design of Comic Style Crash that will not go unnoticed for anyone. Gone are the neutral and simple color models: BeCool brings you a whole range of designs with which you will hallucinate! Its rectangular and flat shape will also add a modern aesthetic to your power bank, in addition to making it very comfortable to carry in a bag, a suitcase or even a pocket. On the other hand, another of the main advantages of this external batterypower bank is also designed for you. With this adapter and micro USB output you are guaranteed compatibility with any device in the world.

Design and utility for this External Battery BeCool of 4000 mAh

The external Battery BeCool will not only provide a great utility when charging your devices with USB input, but also a unique and personal style, to choose the illustration you like. We have a multitude of models to give you the best fit with your personality. Go ahead, BeCool is waiting for you!

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Availability 1 day
Referencia Comercial POW-BE001-BL-COMIC3
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Capacity 4000 mAh
Collection BeCool Classic
Brand BeCool
Model Bateria Externa 4000mah
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