YZSY Artists Edition Power Bank 5000mAh Cities of the World - Berlin

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Charge with style with the YZSY of power banks

This power bank Artists Edition Berlin of YZSY holds a capacity of 5.000 mAh that allows a quickly charge of mobiles, tablets or any device that has a USB input.

Get your power bank Artists Edition Berlin YZSY 5000 mAh

The power bank Artists Edition Berlin of YZSY allows your devices to be charged easily. Thanks to its capacity of 5.000 mAh, the charge is completed quickly, for that reason, you do not have to wait for an eternity in order to have all your devices full charged again. If you are tired of have your mobile, Tablet or any device running out of energy at the moment more Inopportune, do it with a portable battery and do not suffer with more “blackouts”!

The funniest drawing with the power bank of YZSY 5000 mAh

The charger power bank Artists Edition Berlin of YZSY allows you to easily charge your devices that have a USB connection. It design is light and compact for that reason, it is ideal to bring inside a bag or suitcase without occupy too much space. It is for universal use, so that not only is useful for charging mobiles, but also other devices that require external energy. Even more, count on with 8 different designs so you can select the one that most match with your personality.

Do not miss the collection “Cities of the World” of power bank of YZSY

Looking for a power bank that can follow you everywhere? Thanks to its practical and light design it is you accessory ideal for mobile. Rome, Milan, London, Barcelona… Bring the world in your Power Bank thanks to the collection ‘Cities of the World’ of YZSY.

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Availability Immediate
Referencia Comercial BAT-POW-50-YZ1113
Capacity 5000 mAh
Brand YZSY
Model Universal
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